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A tavola non si invecchia.

One does not age at the table

One thing will always be true in Italian families; when it comes time to sit and eat, you must enjoy and relax. And when you do, you’ll often find yourself still nibbling, dunking and sipping three or four hours later. Which is why Italians say “a tavola non si invecchia”.

Our family heritage spans 5 generation of Tuscan merchants with a love of fresh produce and an uncompromising passion for quality. Since planting our first olive tree in Frankland River we have been striving for the perfect olive oil. And our award-winning Jingilli Extra Virgin Olive Oil is pretty close to perfect.

Jingilli – “Australian for the finest EVOO”

Jingilli Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the culmination of the ideal growing location, cutting edge technology and a passion for quality.

We are proud to have Jingilli EVOO available in 90% of Western Australian supermarkets, including gourmet food services. It is also the EVOO of choice for some of WA’s finest restaurants.

One of the very best Extra Virgin Olive Oils in the world, not because we are superior as human beings, but because we have the most pristine location in Western Australia. Free from pollution and traffic, with an abundance of quality water.

The latest harvesting equipment in the world. Our processing, located around our groves, can press our olives in as little as two hours from harvesting.

State-of-the-art processing with hygienic storage, transport and packaging – all under the supervision and integrity of our team.

You deserve the best.

The Jingilli Devine Team

Frankland River Olive Company

The company behind Jingilli EVOO is Frankland River Oliver Company,  which is our family owned and operated business, established in 1999. Frankland River Olive Company harvests, processes and markets olive oil for Australian and international markets. Including the  award-winning Jingilli EVOO.

In 1999, we planted over 100,000 olive trees amid the loamy soils, cool climate and pristine environment of Frankland River. These were the trees destined to produce olives for the award-winning Jingilli Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

This grove was followed in 2005, by the addition of the Parmelia Groves located  in the Moore River Region, an area specialising in high density olive production. With access to the different climates and harvesting times, we are able to share resources and specialised expertise between our two groves.

Read more about our groves here.

We pride ourselves on total quality control from the grove to the final product. As a part of our commitment to quality we are accredited under codex HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point – covering packing and distribution)  and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). This covers the food safety management  system for the growing, harvesting, production, packing and distribution of olive oil.

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