Tree to Table

“Tree to table” holistic and natural process

We use a “tree to table” holistic and natural process which is why we can assure you of the full traceability of our product, from where the olives were grown, to the final product.


We pride ourselves on efficient harvesting, within optimum timeframes. Which is why we have invested significantly into custom-designed harvesting equipment.

The Jingilli harvest commences in April each year. The different climates means we harvest our northern grove ( Moore River) first, and then our southern grove ( Frankland River). More on our groves here

Our state-of-the-art processing facilities are strategically located near each grove to minimise exposure to the elements so that the quality of the oil is high. It also makes sure that our freshly-picked olives can be pressed at their peak freshness.

Constructed in 2004, our world class olive processing facilities are capable of processing up to 8,500kgs per hour. Our packaging facility is scalable and versatile, with one standard line bottling up to 600 bottles per hour.

All of our olive fruit is processed at our own facilities, with two phase centrifugations used to extract the juice from the olives. No refining process is necessary during the extraction. The end product is one of the best and purest extra virgin olive oils in the world, with excellent quality and taste.

Innovative packaging

Heat and sunlight glaring through a clear bottle will affect the freshness of oil so our innovative cask packaging has been designed with freshness and flavour first. Jingilli cask packaging enhances the freshness of the olive oil and protects it from sunlight and air contact. And our experts recommend that you should always store your olive oil in a cool, dark place to preserve the quality for even longer.

We provide Jingilli Extra Virgin Olive Oil in casks of:

  • 1 litre (perfect for home use)
  • 2 litre (for the home chef)
  • 10 litres (for restaurants)
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