Our processing facility has been strategically located near our grove, ensuring that our freshly-picked olives can be pressed at their peak freshness.
Our Own Harvesters
Custom designed and construction of own Company olive harvester in 2005. Efficient harvesting within optimum timeframe. Less exposure to elements means improved oil quality. Over AUD10million invested in own company machinery.
With significant investment in comprehensively fitting out our processing facility with state-of-the-art machinery to process both oil and table olives consisting of an impressive array of the latest machinery, efficient processing lines.
The Jingilli harvest commences in April annually. Because of the differing climates at are two groves they are harvested separately with Frankland River being the first followed by the Gin Gin grove. Frankland river oil company has state of the art processing facilities at each of its two groves.

Our olive fruit is able to be processed at each grove onsite and immediately after careful harvesting , using cold pressed to extract the fruit juice from the olives No refining processes are used in the extraction. The end product is one of the best and purest extra virgin olive oils in the world, with excellent quality and taste.
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