Good oil a health boost

Jingilli is proud to have been featured in this article in The West Australian article by Jessie Papain. Here is our national sales manager Tony Castiello chatting about WA-produced EVOO.

Article below as printed in The West Australian – read the full article by Jessie Papain here

The Mediterranean diet has been lauded by health experts, with recent studies claiming it can prevent heart attacks, ward off diabetes and cancer and generally promote longer life.

A large focus of this lifestyle revolves around using extra virgin olive oil as the main added fat, with the ingredient rich in antioxidants and healthy fatty acids.

And WA has no shortage of top-range olive oil, with one of Australia’s largest producers of both EVOO and table olives, The Frankland River Olive Oil Company, based in the State.

 The business is behind the award-winning Jingilli brand, which combines several olive varieties for a fresh flavour balanced with a peppery finish.

Groves in the Frankland River and Moore River regions are home to more than 270,000 trees that produce gallons of the liquid gold every year for the Australian and international markets.

Jingilli national sales and marketing manager Tony Castiello said there were many reasons to buy WA-produced EVOO.

“The simple answer is the freshness of locally produced versus imported oils,” he said.

“Australian olive oil standards lead the industry when compared with international standards.

“Imported oils often are aged as we get the leftover from what has been sold in their domestic markets. The product is also refined whereas the Jingilli EVOO is packaged within 24 hours of harvest, producing the best results for flavour and health benefits.

“Spring and summer is the perfect time to enjoy Jingilli EVOO, when harvest is completed and our oil is fresh and at its best, as it is sensitive to age, heat and sunlight.”

The unique locations of Jingilli’s groves replicate a Mediterranean growing environment, ideal for the Tuscan tree varietals leccino and frantoio.

Castiello says the climate brings out the richness of the fruit and negates the use of any preservatives or additives.

“All you need is 20ml of EVOO per day to gain a healthier lifestyle,” he says.

“It makes a salad dance with flavour or just dip some crusty bread into it and soak up the flavour that way.”


Good oil a health boost