How long does EVOO last for?

Did you know that EVOO is best consumed within the year it is produced? This is the time that its fresh aromas and flavours are at their peak and it’s providing plently of healthy vitamins and minerals. Unlike wine, olive oil does not mature with age, so the closer to the harvest date that you purchase and use it, the better.

However, the higher levels of natural antioxidants and the higher proportion of mono-unsaturated fats (good fats) generally found in EVOO means that the oil remains fresher longer than other refined edible oils. This is provided that it is stored in a cool, dark place (e.g. pantry).

The majority of Australian EVOO’s will retain good flavour, aroma and freshness for at least 2 years.

The role of packaging

Heat and sunlight glaring through a clear bottle will affect the freshness of oil so at Jingilli we have introduced innovative cask packaging which puts freshness and flavour first. Jingilli cask packaging enhances the freshness of the olive oil and protects it from sunlight and air contact.

Don’t forget to always store your olive oil in a cool, dark place to preserve the quality for even longer.


How long does EVOO last for?