Why choose Australian EVOO?

Australian EVOO is natural oil (freshly squeezed) from quality olives picked straight off the tree. EVOO is processed as soon as possible without the use of any chemicals, or heat, which ensures that the oils remarkable health benefits, flavour and freshness are maximised.

Australian EVOO is renowned for its unique low level of saturated palmitic acid and high level of mono-unsaturated oleic acid which is highly regarded for its health benefits. It also contains natural antioxidants.

EVOO has a distinctive olive fruit aroma and flavour which creates a tasty experience for a wide variety of dishes from Mediterranean through to Asian dishes.

EVOO can be intensely flavoured and can be bitter and pungent. Many ‘early harvest’ styles fit this category. Other EVOO can be fruity with only hints of bitterness and pepper, while ‘late harvest’ styles are typically mild with very ripe fruity flavours.


Why choose Australian EVOO?